You’re here because you want to do something.
AWESOME. Big things are in your future.
And we’re here to keep you inspired.

But first, two rules.

1. Celebrate Growth. Take time to celebrate your progress & the progress of everyone around you.

2. Ban Perfection. Mantra: Perfection doesn’t exist. Perfection doesn’t exist. Perfection doesn’t exist.

Nice work, you strong, passionate world-changer.
Now you are ready to:

  • Take the first step and be a vegan ally. Decide you’ll transition to vegan. We must ALL work to end the notion that it’s OK to ignore speciesism in the US. Scroll down to our inspiration & motivation board to get you started. And remember: You can be an ally and advocate for many social justice issues at once. This might be the corniest thing we’ve ever said, but love really is infinite.
  • It’s not just your imagination; single-issue veganism IS a trap. We need to show up for human liberation and equality, too. Plus, it’s impossible to reach more folks about veganism without ever HONESTLY considering people at all. Decide to be a vegan who learns about and speaks up about all forms of systemic oppression. And, remember, nobody wins the “oppression olympics“.
  • Let’s keep this connection going on social media! See our links on the bottom of the page. Not into it? No worries. Click here and we’ll be happy to keep you in the loop via our seasonal (quarterly) event email.