You’re here because you want to do something – AWESOME.
Big things are in your future. And we’re here to keep you inspired & connected.
But first, two rules.

1. Celebrate Victories. Take time to celebrate your progress & the progress of everyone around you.
2. Ban Perfection. Mantra: Perfection doesn’t exist. Perfection doesn’t exist. Perfection doesn’t exist.
Nice work, you strong, honest, compassionate consciousness-lifter! Now you are ready to:
  • Take the first step and decide to be a veg ally. Decide you’ll transition to veganism down the road. We must ALL work to end the notion that it’s OK to ignore veganism in the US. Scroll down and check out our inspiration board to get you started. And remember: You can be an ally or advocate for many social justice issues at once. This might be the corniest thing we’ve ever said, but love really is infinite.
  • It’s not just your imagination; single-issue veganism IS a trap. We ALL need to fight racism. We ALL need to fight for human liberation and equality. And it’s also impossible to reach more people about veganism without ever HONESTLY considering people at all. Decide to be an intersectional vegan. See the inspiration board below. And remember, nobody wins the “oppression olympics“. But it was never a fun game anyway so no loss there! Onward and vegward!!
  • Join us on social media. (see bottom of this page)
  • Do you lust for mild-to-moderate, fleeting internet fame? Are you an ally or vegan? We’ll feature you and make you famous to a small but amazing group of humans! Shoot us your story. And don’t scrimp on the embarrassing details, please. 😉
  • Buy a VOAA shirt. Each of our seven shirt designs are – along with our official logo and this website – creations of brilliant and electrifying artist, Miss Eaves. They’re great conversation starters. (And who doesn’t enjoy sparking awkward conversations about veganism on purpose?!)
    • We plan to switch to re-used shirts as soon as we can. One of our favorite activists ever, Melissa Charlana (@nastyvegan), is already doing it!! Get yourself one and join her vegan bike gang!!)
  • Donate – any amount you can – so we can reach more people through videos and events.
  • Too busy right now but want don’t want to lose touch? Click here and we’ll keep you in the loop. Unlike many email lists, ours is strictly quarterly. 🙂