What’s been the easiest and most challenging things about going more veg?

I am not 100% veg yet, but vegan food makes up 80% of my diet. I am the type of person who, if I tell myself I can not have something, I freak out and want it more. For that reason I focus on inclusion of fun and new ingredients versus saying “I am not going to eat meat.” I think eating more veggies is the easiest part, because I am a member of a CSA so I am always getting cool new vegetables. On the challenges end, I am from the South and a lot of my family’s meals are still mostly meat-centric. When I am home in NYC I’m mostly veg, but when I am visiting relatives, I eat what is served even if it is not vegetarian. The biggest reason I have for eating more veg food is the environment. It is such an easy change that makes a big impact!

What’s some advice you’d give vegans or vegetarians on the importance of having and cultivating veg allies?

As an ally, I think advocates should continue to encourage me to eat more veg food, but not make me feel bad that I am not 100% there yet. The carrot approach rather than the stick approach always works best for me. Things like sharing cool new veg recipes or inviting me to a nice vegan dinner. I think if more people could be slowly eased into a veg lifestyle they can see it as both easy and delicious!

In addition to being a veg ally (and fabulous designer of VOAA’s logo, site, and shirts!), you are an influential feminist femcee and creator of theeverybodyproject.com. Do you have advice for others who worry that if they stand up for food justice, animals or the environment their other advocacy might suffer?

That has never been an issue for me. I really believe in the intersectionality of things and a lot of justice issues have crossovers. I think we all should try to be as empathetic to the suffering of others and change our habits as much as possible to alleviate suffering when we can.

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